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Preview of the Q-Star Tour Divide, the 2-colour golf ball

It took several months for the Q-Star Tour Divide to cross the Atlantic. The Srixon two-tone ball arrives in Europe and brings two-color golf balls back to life. Fashion effect or collector’s item? Here’s what you need to know about this commercial gamble. All the attributes of the Q-Star Tour ball are included in this version. • A matte urethane envelope. The ball is molded in a soft urethane, the high contrast matte shell makes the spin visible and helps line up. • 338-Socket Pattern: Providi

5 things to know about the Scandinavian Mixed in which men and women are playing together

5 things to know about the Scandinavian Mixed in which men and women are playing together This week, professional golf is back on its feet and copies amateur golf. It offers us an event in which the players of the European Tour and the players of the Ladies European Tour will be playing together for 4 days on the same course. An inclusive logic that allows us to see more and cultivate the differences rather than compartmentalize them. Annika Sorenstam and Henrik Stenson hosts of the tournamen

Cookies went rancid. It’s time for a cookieless tracking batch.

We browse the web everyday and at every new website we land on, privacy and cookies policies can’t wait to be accepted. Surprisingly, only a minority of websites offers the option to decline all cookies (except the necessary ones to display the webpage). Most of the time, the user experience is spoiled because of this legal gate. Of course most of marketers are under pressure to provide numbers, but what if the user doesn’t want to be tracked. Out of numerous consequences for the business, there

Pay per hole played: an all-in-one box by Qondor

Golf is a long game to play! We must admit that playing 9 or 18 holes takes time. Moreover, most golf courses only offer these 2 options. No 6-hole green fees or any other alternative. Can we do even better? What if we could pay per hole played? What if the solution is simple and already exists? Qondor, a startup from Lille (France), offers a turnkey solution for all golf courses who wish to attract new customers who can’t spend 4 hours to play and who wish to remain flexible without being comm

Twirl Golf: from a surfing wetsuit to a headcover

In Bordeaux, Matthieu Barbe has been playing golf for the last 15 years. Passionate about the sea, one day he wonders what to do with his old surfing wetsuit. The idea is catching on. What if these wetsuits could have a second life? After 2 years in the thinking and testing, the first headcovers are born, thanks to upcycling. Today, Twirl will produce its first models and wants to deliver its first customers after a just-started crowdfunding campaign. The inside of the head cover is made from a

Overview of the Combo Iron Set Inesis 900

Inesis brings the combo set back to life with the new 900 irons. A forged set that gives pride of place to the best of both worlds; precision on open clubs and tolerance and consistency on the most closed clubs. Here is the overview of these new forged irons from the French brand. In addition to their affordable price, new wedges are also added to the collection. 2 years of designing for the best of all worlds In 2008, Inesis released the TD 900 iron set, then it went mostly quiet until 2019 w

True Spec, the American fitter settles in the Paris region.

The American fitting specialist is expanding its hold and settling in Europe. In partnership with Doma golf, you can find a studio in the following regions; Geneva, Munich and “Paris”, well close by. So, who is behind TrueSpec? What you’ll find in their studio and how to benefit from their expertise? For those who read Golf Digest or Golf Magazine in English, you have surely seen the name True Spec appears when these publications wrote about fitting. Indeed, the brand regularly appears at the t

A new book on Severiano Ballesteros

It’s been 10 years that one of the most charismatic golfers left us. Severiano Ballesteros made us dream. From his golf debut as a kid, to his magical shot or his attitude on the course. To refresh our memories about this golfer who left too early, David Cannon a Getty Images photographer also friend with the Spaniard, compiled a brand new book on Seve. Their relationship started only 2 months before Seve’s victory at the Open at Royal Birkdale. At that time, Seve’s English was at its beginning

Preview Wilson Putter Buckingham: The elite at a fair price?

After having explored the new and accessible Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier, it’s Wilson’s turn to come up with an affordable putter. The Wilson Buckingham is the ninth element in the Infinite range. A version that looks like the solid market leaders like the TaylorMade Spider, or the Odyssey Ten. Except that its price makes it much more accessible than its competitors. All the assets of a high-end putter In addition to the futuristic look, the Buckingham putter embeds solid technolog

Preview: The Huntington Beach Soft Premier Putters are reaching Europe!

Released last August only in the United States, the Huntington Beach Soft Premier putters are only observable through Twitter, thanks to certain US blogs, which had the opportunity to get them in their hands. But Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft and Soft Premier land in Europe. And I tell you why you have to fall for these putters. Not just a different finish By using again the SOFT technology (Speed ​​Optimized Face Technology) of the Huntington Beach Soft allowing to standardize the speed of

The EUGC 2021 Agenda

Even if the competition only takes place on July 17, the festivities begin the day before at 4 p.m. Note that this is not just for players. It’s Urban Golf, everyone is invited. First of all, we meet again. It must be said that it has been a very long time since we saw each other. Then around 8 p.m., we meet to already celebrate the event of the next day. On Saturday, team registration (6 to 12 members maximum) takes place at the Banana city hotel in Winterhur (Switzerland). The hotel will al

Why BogeyMag is the media partner of the EUGC 2021?

It’s official ! Bogeymag is a media partner of the European Urban Golf Cup 2021. So what will this partnership look like and what is EUGC? Before starting, it is necessary to bring an etymological precision. For the most part, this discipline is called urban golf. In France, the discipline is identified as street golf. Since the establishment of this even with the first edition of which took place in London, the popularity of the sport has continued to grow . More and more clubs and groups

This viral video is from Kaddey Golf !

At the end of the year, the custom fills your social networks with kind messages wishing you Merry Christmas and just following after a happy new year. Personally, I’m a little reluctant to wish a happy new year. I did it last year and the result was not convincing! Nevertheless, there is a video that went around the world of golf in a few clicks at the end of the year. Taken on several occasions in its entirety or only a few extracts, all the influencers lacking engagement saw in it an oppor

What is the difference between a streamer and a content creator in the gaming world?

With the explosion of video games and specifically Twitch at the expense of Mixer who was forced to shut down, more viewers are watching gamers broadcasting their game every day, called streamers. Some called them content creator. Does broadcasting a video game on a platform is enough to be a content creator? Let me explain why it needs more work. A streamer is interested in broadcasting and most of them do not think beyond. Aside from earning money from the Twitch affiliate program which means

Mizuno M-Craft: the putter family expands

Last February (before things got out of hand), Mizuno surprised with 3 new putter models; the M-Craft. With few options available (a single length of 34 inches, a single type of grip) but a weight box allowing to adjust the head weight according to the speed of the greens, the success was not long in coming. It is therefore that at the end of the year the brand reiterates, and announces 3 new models; the IV, the V and the VI. Overview of these newcomers. From I to VI, the higher the number, the

The best way to ask for a backlink

Now that your website structure, copywriting and all are in place, you are getting a few referral visits through links on third-party website (backlinks). You are happy but since you’ve been looking at you feed reader (one of the tool you are using everyday to create content), you have in mind other websites on which you would like to a link. However, reaching out to them organically (without any push) seems far beyond your hopes. Hopefully, you can use the following example to get a backlink o

What I would like to offer to a golfer for Christmas

The time has come and the eternal question comes up again. What should I get for my golfer friend? Even though this year has been truncated and that you don’t know anything about golf clubs, I guarantee you with this list, there is little chance of going wrong. Golfers love accessories and this year, it’s time to take advantage of them. The Golfkicks kit allows you to transform any pair of sneakers with a fairly thick sole into a golf shoe by adding 12 cleats! A concept coming from the United

Masters 2020: what's in the loser's bag ?

Every week, as soon as the weekly tournament is over, all golf medias tend to share with you the winner’s bag. How interesting to know that the winner used custom golf clubs with extra stiff shafts. For sure it’s going to make a huge difference to know that for your next week-end round or your next visit at the golf shop. To counterbalance, I decided to introduce to you; the loser’s bag. This time, we look at the Masters 2020 and what kind of clubs you need to not make the cut. Spoiler alert: su

Vans Golf Shoes ? Do It Yourself

You are in the market for a new pair of golf shoes, but nothing fits your taste. The Nike collection does not make you want too much. The Ecco S Three look really nice, but a bit pricey. Come to think of it, you get the impression that because it is about golf shoes are inflationary compared to street models. After a night of reflection (it is recommended), you remember that a pair of Vans that you have rarely worn because of this morose year (2020), is stored in the closet. This pair could do t
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