Nicolas BYKOFF

Looking for words and content on any topics? Use my 13-year experience in digital marketing and my ability to use Artificial Intelligence Optimisation to create a high volume of unique pieces.
If you need more arguments, have a look at, the only golf blog available in French and English.

About my content marketing and writing activities

For the last 13 years, I have been learning and testing content marketing. For my first blog in 2010 to growing the fifth one to almost 40 000 unique visitors per year, I have developed a unique mix of technical and editorial skills. But I am aware that there is more. The journey never stops.

It's time to move forward and explore what AI (Artificial Intelligence) can do in content marketing.

Discover what I am writing in French and English but also the videos and podcasts I have directed.

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What to Know Before You Hit the Livestreaming Button

If you think livestreaming is just for gaming and the young, think again. Livestreaming is expanding as the preferred method for content creators of all ages and in many topical areas. Restream research shows 54% of streaming covers gaming and esports, while music/sports/entertainment make up 17%, followed by professional content (9%), and IRL/everyday life (6%). In the past year, livestreaming viewership has grown exponentially – increasing an average of 49% in 2021 compared to 2020, accordi
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