Content creation: Writing and Editing for Corporations

Writing and Editing for SHOWA, a glove manufacturer

Being the head of content and digital marketing at SHOWA brought me a lot of joy but also struggles. How can I produce content for the blog, while organising professional tradeshows, managing a team and launching new products?

The simple answer was A.I. (Artificial Intelligence).

With Content At Scale, the A.I tool helped me to become more efficient. As soon as the editorial calendar was validated, I was able to publish all my content in a day of work instead of a week.

You will find in several articles in the newsroom of the website that were created by A.I. and (heavily) edited by me.

Among working with A.I., I also wrote magazine content such as advertorial. Check below to read it.

Writing and Editing for PrivIQ: a SAAS on data compliance

While I was in charge of all digital marketing, the need to create a content strategy was inevitable. It was a solid way to create enough traffic volume that will grant conversions and therefore pipeline.

To be the face of the content at PrivIQ, I created Chloé Boyle, a freelance writer and an expert in legal matters. Why? Because E-E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) are crucial for ranking and as I was the face of several golf-related piece of content, I could not pinned my name to it.

Check below a few examples:

Filters & Sorting

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