What you need to know about me

Fascinated by golf since the 2000's, I never stopped learning about this game. It's the main reason that makes me do what I am doing now: combining my experience in golf and my 10-year experience in digital marketing.

Even if I started to write content 10 years ago, I created bogeymag.com only 4 years ago. The purpose is to go deeper in certain topics and give room for those who make golf. First available in French, I realized for my first trip with the EGTMA that bogeymag.com should be in English.

Building bogeymag.com from the ground helps me to demonstrate my skill set, and therefore what I can do for you. 

So if you want help in any of the areas below, let's have chat.

PS: My services are available both in French and English.

What I can help you with:

  • Improve your online presence
  • Define a compelling storytelling
  • Create relevant content to engage audience (copywriting, blogging, whitepapers, podcasts and videos)
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Optimize your conversions
  • Increase onsite traffic for golf clubs
  • Customer experience

Let's chat about what you want to achieve

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